Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What makes a home stand out?

What does make a home stand out from the rest? When you are looking at homes and you just walked through your 10th home. They have the tendency to blend together, but their is usually one that will stand out. These are the qualities they will typically have.:

Plain neutrally light colored walls, such as white & beige.

Neutrally colored carpet, such as beige.

A Clean house- If you are in a pinch, throw everything in to a garbage bag & put it in the garage till you can get to it, after the showing.

Fresh Paint or Carpet- if you can, at least paint, it's cheap & it makes a difference.

Few large furnishings- Place in to storage all of your big furniture, it makes a room feel larger.

Cut the Clutter- Clean counter tops, with nothing on them. Rooms you can walk around in.

Beautiful decor- Yes, staging your home does work.

Great curb appeal- Beautify your yard.

Minimize your wall hangings- Keep it mostly decoration.

Take down the family photo wall & paint it.- It makes it hard for a new family to see them selves there.

Homey Smells- Anything baking, & vanilla. I recommend baking some cookies before you leave.

Leave and let the agent walk the client through the house. It's hard to address any issues the buyer might have when the owner within ear shot. It also reminds the client they are in your house not "their" house.

If you are going to remodel your home spend your money the the places you will make the most money. The kitchen, & the master bed & bath.

Add things like tile, hardwood floors, granite counter tops, update old hardware it will make your house look newer, black or stainless steel appliances.

Keep in mind you are trying to encourage the mental moving van to arrive. You need to make space for their stuff, as they mentally decorate, and think about how the couch will fit in your living room.

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