Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How to make your house shine!!

Here are some inexpensive solutions to spiff up your home without breaking the bank.

To avoid having to sand and refinish your hardwood floors try Bona cleaner & floor polish. It's a urethane polish that you will have to wait about 2 hours to walk on. It's worth the wait.

To clean up your cupboards try Krud Kutter and Howard's Restore a finish. Use the Krud Kutter only if you really need to, it's for the grimy dirty corners that get all of the goo. Apply the Krud Kutter to the cabinet than rub with some 000 Steel wool, then wipe with a clean cloth. Apply the Howard's restore a finish to the cupboard with the steel wool if it is bad, if not I recommend to use a clean cloth. After you apply the Restore a finish wipe with a clean cloth.

To clean up and care for your Granite or stone counter tops use Stone Care International, just spray and clean. For the sealer you need to spray and wait for a little while and then wipe with a clean dry cloth.

People are coming over and you have clothes and toys all over and you have no time to clean. Take a yard trash bag and fill it up. Than throw it in a closet that they wont look in to or the garage. No one thinks twice about a garbage bag in the garage. Then simply put the items a way when you have time. We like to call this one the "Trash bag theory".

You are trying to sell your home. Keep refrigerated cookie dough or bake products on hand and before they come over cook some cookies and set them out on a plate. The smell of baked goods help people feel like this is there home. The mental moving van is not far behind.

These hints can help you avoid making some costly repairs and help your home sell.

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Thanks a ton it was a great support, now to make our house shine!! is without a doubt easy utilizing your advice. Kudos