Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A letter from the Utah Attorney General to B of A President. RE: ReconTrust

"All real estate foreclosures conducted by ReconTrust in the state of Utah are not in compliance with Utah’s statutes, and are hence illegal”

What does this mean will remain to be seen but it has the potential to overturn the foreclosures in the state of Utah and open up law suits.

Sandy Davidson and I had a short sale that went back in foreclosure through the ReconTrust. At that time we notified, the attorney generals office that they were doing illegal foreclosures. After 3 months they stopped using a notary to perform the foreclosures and started using an attorney but still they never stopped being the trustee. Here it is a year and thousand of foreclosures later, finally something. Attorneys can expect to be busy running after the pile of foreclosures performed by the ReconTrust.

Please note that Utah State law states that an illegal foreclosure sale only creates a lien on the property and does not grant ownership.

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